We use the Montessori based Multiple Intelligence curriculum which provides the tools to our teachers to help children reach their full potential.

Our curriculum addresses all areas of development, or domains, for preschool children:

  • Language Development
  • Literacy
  • Cognitive Development (Math, Science, Creative Arts)
  • Social and Emotional Development.
  • Gross and Fine Motor Development
  • Value Education

Our Curriculum incorporates building blocks of early literacy:

  • Book Knowledge and appreciation
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Alphabet recognition
  • Print Awareness
  • Early Writing

As well as numeracy:

  • Sorting and classifying
  • Ordering and sorting
  • Measuring
  • Identifying and using shapes

Plus health, safety, Nutrition and Instead of character development it should be the inculcation of moral values. We use the curriculum to nurture the essential elements of lifelong learning

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